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Talent SEARCH relationships work on an exclusive basis, enabling a single hiring message to be given to exceptional individuals, rather than mixed or confusing messages that can come from having more than one agency work on the brief. Given the extensive network of contacts we have across both National and International markets, we have found that the vast majority of talent is not actively looking and not exposed or interested in traditional / mainstream recruitment practices.

A Talent SEARCH relationship empowers the client by giving them a secure and confidential channel to market for talent. Our Talent SEARCH model allows the client to plan in partnership with Sales Placements for key hiring objectives, introducing a long term strategic agenda for the growth of talent in their business (Talent pipelining) or need identification (Talent acquisition) to fulfil an immediate need or skill set shortage. When engaged in Talent SEARCH, we bring the full capability of the organisation to bear on identifying, qualifying and presenting top prospects. Utilising the latest research techniques, industry knowledge, existing talent pools and an established network of national/international contacts, top talent is discreetly and effectively targeted.

Sales Placements Talent SEARCH model provides the best possible option to hire PASSIVE candidates of the absolute highest quality.

The feedback from our clients that engage us in Talent SEARCH is universally positive, as clients are impressed by our level of detail, effectiveness and ability to identify the best in the business.

If your business is looking for the most discreet and professional solution to a tactical or strategic hiring situation, this is the model we recommend.

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