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"Deal with industry professionals who take pride in what they do"

Candidate Values

Sales Placements Australia stakeholders have much in common with candidates, we were candidates once too! Similarly our stakeholders have held roles in mid and high sales management portfolios. Common feedback we receive time and again is that we have taken the extra step to understand our candidate’s needs and provide them frank and robust advice that has real practical value.

Sales Placements provides a quality solution to clients, and we ask candidates we represent to understand this. This is why we get to hire for some of the most challenging and rewarding sales, technical and executive briefs available in the region.

The nature of these roles requires us to be discreet, resourceful and innovative in our recruitment process. This is why we do encourage our candidates to register their profile with us.

Simply put, we do not abuse our registered candidates with spam or other mail, but if you are available at our fingertips and that great role comes along...

Selecting a recruiter to represent you
We feel that it’s important that we let candidates know the following information before they apply for roles with us.

So if you are dynamic, motivated, successful and results-oriented; and you care about who represents you, choose Sales Placements Australia.

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