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"A multi-channel media campaign solution to attract active talent"

Advertised Selection

Advertised SELECTION is a retained/exclusive recruitment assignment which is geared towards a hiring strategies where active job seekers (passive candidates) are integral to the outcome.

Advertised SELECTION involves the placement of media advertising which Sales Placements designs and coordinates for the client. Advertising strategies incorporate multi-channel media campaigns that may involve:

The result is a pool of active candidates sourced from the open market that can be compiled in a reasonably short time frame. Once the campaign has been conducted, the shortlist presented is based on thorough assessment and qualification.

The partnership approach can define the characteristics of the campaign and help to provide an exceptional outcome. Clients may for example desire anonymity in advertising, shortlist only or other custom tailored approaches.

For appointments where the target market or skill set is difficult to define and suitable applicants could be sourced from a variety of industry sectors, we recommend Advertised SELECTION as a fast and effective solution.

Contingency Recruitment

Contact us and we can help you to decide how best to engage our services, ensuring that the outcome fits the strategic hiring objectives of your business.

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